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RCPS List of Fradulent Websites:

Visit this site: Paranormal Sight

This is an awesome resource that scrupulously exposes FRAUDULENT paranormal photos, people, teams, and websites and brings the discussing behavior of PARA-SCAM front and center! Check this page before you toss your money down the drain and become another victim of a Paranormal Extortion Plot by the ultimate Charlatans listed on this site!

This is a list of fraudulent websites, provided by our sister site: RCPS*WA, that  will charge
people to be "certified" as a paranormal investigator. If anybody claims they are certified by any of these places they are not credible what so ever. We are all trying collectively to rid these sites from conducting business, and scamming people out of their money. There are no refunds for any of these. at all! No matter what anybody tells you. Nobody will take you seriously if you posess one of these "certificates". Only experience gives you knowledge. Just ask your local team to help you learn. The good teams will be glad to help you, and teach you the right way. Which is not a 4hr class and a piece of paper!

  1. http://www.universalclass.com/=same as flamel college as flamel college
  2. http://www.flamelcollege.com/  =kind of rip offs
  3. http://www.paranormal-investigation.com/college/courses.htm  = doesn't know facts about their own "certifications". Hilarious
  4. http://www.paranormaluniversity.com/  =claims they have been teaching people for over 40 years! They don't even list the prices on their website. Too expensive?
  5. http://www.australiancollegepsi.com/courses.html  =Holy cow!! $300 for one certificate!!
  6. http://www.ghosthuntershop.com/ghost-hunter-classes.html =3 courses from $75 to $175. WOW  
  7. http://www.ghostweb.com/cpi.html =$400!!!!!!!Does that include the vaseline?LOL So apparently they need to be certified before they buy ANYTHING!
  8. http://www.paranexusacademy.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=381 = a "non-profit" group charging $65 for a cd and certificate!
  9. http://www.ghostweb.com/cpi.html = Goes in excess of $450 forbeing "certified".               
  10. http://www.crawfordcountyghosthunters.com/CCIGHSParanormalInvestigators.html = A whole team of self "certified" investigators in Illinois.
  11. http://www.paranexusacademy.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=382 =$75 "certification" course online.
  12. http://shadowboxent.brinkster.net/LEMUR/LabImages/WarrenInstitute.HTML =$995 for six week course!
  13. http://www.boardofparanormal.com/ = $100 just to put your name on a list. Why waste money? Just put your info on facebook and reach 100X more people! There is no such thing as a "board" for paranormal research people. 
  14. http://www.ghosthuntershop.com/ghost-hunter-classes.html = $145 to do a 5hr investigation and become "certified". They "certify" you in orb(dust) photography! A child can take pictures of dust just the same. Also contact eastern state penitentary directly. You will get a cheaper rate!!!    
  15. http://www.gypsydivine.com/Services.php = This person charges for EVERYTHING!!! From readings to investigations. There are base fee's plus hourly. Hmm, does this seem weird or what? How does one charge for something you cannot see. They even go as far as readings through email!
  16. http://www.appalachianghostwalks.com/ghosthuntercertificationtrainingclasses.html = Holy Moly!! This one is just hilarious. They claim you will get "certified" but they post pictures of dust and call them "spirit visitors" for the class:) Now why would a spirit want to learn how to find themselves? LMAO!!!!!!
  17. http://atransc.org/resources/certification.htm ="certified" to charge people for evp work. Why would somebody want to charge for evp work? It is included in a good team's investigation for free!




Please be aware of these sites, and there are more that will be added when found.

A HUGE "THANK YOU" to our friend Brad over at our RCPS*WA sister site, for providing
such an extensive list of Charlatans in the Paranormal Community!

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